Aqua-Cell® is a bi-component membrane with excellent breathable properties and which is also 100% waterproof. With Aqua-Cell®, the feet are kept dry while they can breathe at the same time.


Cool&Me® is a technical feature found in certain Airtox insoles. The system is designed to keep the feet dry and at the same time regulate the temperature. Using the system’s special hexagonal microchannel construction, sweat is transported away from your feet and evaporates. Cool&Me® prevents overheating and at the same time significantly improves foot hygiene.


PowerBreeze® is a high-tech textile system that provides effective air circulation through all the layers on the upper part of the shoe. With the improved breathability, you get drier and fresher feet throughout the day.


StyroSoft® is a unique shock absorber technology developed in collaboration with Airtox specialist unit; LAB 32. Styrosoft soles are ultra soft and springy – significantly more than ordinary EVA soles. StyroSoft can present a rebound effect of up to 64%. The result is an extremely high and noticeable degree of comfort in the shoes.


The world’s lightest nail protection; Whitelayer®, is extremely flexible and weighs just 32 grams. 55% lighter compared to other textile seam protectors. As an added bonus, the material is also moisture absorbent.